Wednesday, August 15, 2012


In Yellowstone National Park near Tower I pulled into a turnout and set up my easel. The elevation here was probably just below treeline and the high meadows are awash in wildflowers. Still looking over my shoulder for Grizzly. Next time I really will get a can of bear mace and instructions on how to use it, which I suspect have something to do with not blinding yourself in the presence of a huge charging bear. I took a few wrong turns on this trip, but nothing of that magnitude.

Don't tell me this isn't a great country. I showed the ranger my proof of citizenship, paid $10, and I can go to all National Parks for FREE for life! And my pass has a great picture of a blooming cactus on it. The photo does not accurately portray the extent of my delight at this gift. If you're over 62, get yours while you can.Only available in person at a US National Park.

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Bermick said...

Hello from France!!
j'adooooore your pastel... so beautiful!