Wednesday, August 15, 2012


7am Sunday, Ashton; it was my own private Idaho for a couple of hours. The only person I saw was a tall dark cowboy tip-toeing out of his house so as not to alert the red heeler, who would later search up and down the street for her man, his truck and a trailer full of horses who left without her. She hopefully curled up on the corner to wait and eventually trotted off to wait his return in a more comfortable spot...disappointed but bearing no grudge.

I am in love with the west; even little dusty towns on the tracks whose main attraction is a big feed mill, black angus on scruffy pasture and fabulous light. 

9 x12. 

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Rodrica said...

Some of you did not know that a red heeler is a type of stockdog common out west; part or all Australian Cattledog...the red one, not the blue. They are known as one person dogs and often seen in or around trucks, when not working.