Monday, July 6, 2015


Portland... the Brooklyn neighborhood to be specific... flower gardens spilling over the curbs, brightly painted homes, studios and vintage vehicles still in daily use; this is the setting for this bright and casually comfortable flower garden. There are thousands of pictures here, but time limited me to only one on this trip... besides there was relaxing to do and a truly inspiring visit to the Portland Japanese Garden, as well as sketching and rose ogling.

The fire-engine red tire swing planted with petunias caught my eye, but when I saw the back garden I realized the tire swing would not fit into my small pastel painting. Regretfully I resigned it to the huge Not Painted but Really Good file in my mind. The homeowner-gardener here used her grey-green house as the perfect backdrop to a garden of many colors... just what I like! I did not meet her, but a neighbor agreed with me about the beauty of this home garden.

My husband, Michael Poster,  who accompanied me on this trip to the Northwest, really enjoyed walking with his camera while I painted. For a self-professed travel hater, he sure seemed to be having a very good time in Portland. We stayed at the Best Western Pony Soldier...spotless, friendly, top notch, sparkling pool, great beds... and ate at Pono Farm's Soul Kitchen on Sandy Blvd. NE... which was outstanding!

Five days in Portland is never enough... but it did give me time to drive across the border and capture my Washington State Painting... coming soon.

photo Michael Poster
photo Michael Poster