Friday, December 4, 2015

While it lasted...

...showing paintings from the 50 states project was great fun. Many people have told me personally how much they enjoyed looking at the work and reading about my trips and travails (nothing on the scale of the Lewis and Clark expedition, but I did much of it by myself). Here are a few residuals from the Brattleboro, Vermont exhibit:

 The Commons  published an article by Arlene Distler on the occasion of The River Gallery School of Art expanding into the Main Street-level space and opening the lovely new Gallery 34.

I was quite happy being featured in the print and online editions.

Guest Book entries are of great interest to artists and their galleries...and also other exhibit go-ers, I have noticed. I always try to write something favourable when I view someone's artwork. It is helpful to read the artist's statement and/or bio. These can be very enlightening (beyond ?why THAT color?) and may explain what you are looking at.  It is always possible to find the one good aspect to comment on....but that is just who I am. Let's not forget what a brave act sharing our work is....musicians, writers, performers and actors know this and may be more prepared for public sharing than, say naturally reclusive painters and poets. I have never written anything in a guest book so eloquent as this young woman from Bennington did. I love it.

Thank you and many Happy Trails to you all.

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