Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gallery 34 Exhibit

 A steady stream of visitors came to the Friday night exhibit opening. It was a fun evening and the 21 chosen state paintings look great on the walls; very accessible for viewing  through the windows on Main Street - a pedestrian-busy sidewalk, night and day. Thanks for all the favorable comments left in the guest book.

these two photos by Michael Poster
Selected works from the Fifty States Plein Air Painting Project are being shown at Gallery 34 in Brattleboro through December 1, 2015. The hours are 9-5:30 weekdays. If the door is locked go upstairs to River Gallery School of Art and someone will let you in. Or you can contact me and I will un-lock the door. 34 Main St, Brattleboro Vermont 802-257-1577.


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