Monday, October 3, 2011

North Dakota

Driving 300 miles is nothing to me, but for my companion (husband) I knew I'd be stretching his patience if I tried to cram too many high mileage days together. Therefore I chose to explore the Sheyenne National Grasslands in south eastern North Dakota. It was a perfect day for plein air painting...not much wind nor many bugs...70's and sunshine...fall foliage in trees and grasses. It doesn't get any better than that! This is a place I want to get back to, if only to give my husband a longer time to explore afoot with camera, while I paint more scenes. This is another 9 x 12 and it is on piece of mounted Wallis paper.

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Vera said...

Lovely to picture the two of you exploring this vast, beautiful country and stopping to paint and photograph and capture a few moments. Blessings this Holiday Time of Lights--I had a great Solstice Celebration at Lynn Senick's house in Montrose with a group of friends-- we had a great fire outdoors in the backyard ---