Thursday, December 22, 2011

South Carolina

Two friends and I have been on a short road trip to Raleigh and the totally terrific North Carolina Museum of Art to see Rembrandt in America. You only have until January 22 to see it in Raleigh and it is immensely worthwhile; the most Rembrandt work ever assembled in US. My personal favorite is his portrait of Minerva, the Roman goddess of war, weapons and wisdom. I did not know he painted a series of goddesses and 3 are included in this exhibit.

Then down to Cherry Grove Beach in South Carolina for a 70 degree beach day and my thirtieth state plein air painting. Intending to paint no matter how cold it was standing out on a beach in December , I really felt lucky to have a perfect day. As soon as holiday festivities allow I will put a finishing touch or two to my "Dunes" pastel painting and post it here. This is how it looked on my easel after an hour or so of working.


Pamela said...

You certainly know how to capture the light. Just beautiful to look at and I could walk right down that path.

Suzanne said...

I love what you are doing - it takes a lot of commitment. Keep on going, the journey is what makes it interesting, not the arriving at completion. I am also engaged in the same quest to paint plein air in 50 states but I'm in the early days yet and use oil paint as my medium. Only 13 States so far, just did Hawaii - I'll keep track of you:)